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Table of Contents

  • Table of Contents
    You are here.  ;-)

  • Syllabus
    The silly bus that will take us through the semester.  Includes course description, important due dates, class policies and other nifty info.  If you need a print copy, let me know, otherwise this is all there is!!

  • Weekly Update
    Your weekly way to know where we're going.  Notice of new reading quizzes, new site features, and upcoming class events will be posted here.

  • Class Calendar
    Here's our Yahoo! Calendar of class events, complete with due dates, exam dates and a running list of what we're reading and when.

  • ID/List-Serv Info
    This is where you get your Babes in Space Official ID.  You need to register here in order to be a full member of the class and the list-serv.

  • Reading Quizzes
    Each week a new reading quiz will be posted to test your knowledge of the texts at hand.  Scores range from Black Hole to Super Nova.

  • Book Reviews
    Here you can find other reviews from class members, the schedule of review due dates, and the form you need to submit your own review.

  • Character Analysis Reports
    Don't panic.  You'll be doing these on the buddy system.  You'll choose a partner, a project, and a day to present your findings to all of us, after you post them here.

  • Galleries
    Fabulous site features! Collections of poems, images, etc. pertinent to our class interests.

  • Bibliography
    You can browse the Recommended Book List, the Reserve List, the Award lists and various other resource lists of print and on-line sources here.

  • Archive
    Here's your nexus for aging info.   Old quizzes, last semester's Research Reports, List-serv archives, etc.  Yes, there will be other links here too.

  • Site Search
    If none of the above bullets trip your trigger, visit the search page and string up your quandaries for us.

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